Cameron Scott Pics of Max Kepler – Meet and Greet

This Meet and Greet was an amazing event hosted by the Berlin Braves and MLB.

Here is a collection of pictures taken by Cameron Scott who has been involved with the Berlin Brandenburg Baseball scene for a lot of years, and has a reputation for coming through with great pictures…

Max Kepler (26) is an Outfielder for the Minnesota Twins. 2019 was his best year in the Show as of now. His stats have been better than ever, he got a new contract, and has a new endorsement partner in Nike.

In Berlin a lot of people wanted to meet and greet the unicorn of European Baseball. Everybody got a chance to take a pic and get his signature.

Let the pictures do the talking for the rest of this post…

one more thing! Thank you to everybody involved in making this event happen:

MLB, Twins, Berlin Braves, BSVBB and last but not least Max Kepler

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