Max Kepler painting by Sascha

Max came to Berlin and hosted a series of Events. It was speculated since the summer that something was going to be put together with the Twins superstar.

I had no clue if and what was going to happen so I contacted the one person who would most likely be in charge of something like that in Berlin. Joey Elgersma (Berlin Braves) has been the go to guy for MLB ever since the London Series became a reality. He knew something was going to happen and told me, that he was going to get back in touch as soon as more information was available. So it was clear that Max would be in town and he should get an appropriate welcome.

Sascha Raniszewski a painter and also a ballplayer, for the Berlin Dragons, has been painting portraits of famous people and displayed them on Instagram and Facebook. He drew guys like Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Robinson, and many more. My idea was to present Max with a painting of himself by Sascha. Sascha embraced the idea and after the decision what pic/size portrait should be drawn, he went after it.

Max was presented the pic and he signed it. Now its up on eBay for sale and the revenue will be donated to a good cause (Kinderhilfe e.V.)

Here is the link to the auction on eBay

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