DSL Finals 2012 Berlin

Aaron' s daughter hangin out at the table lookin like mickey mouse … The national pasttime is in full effect at defenders sportsfield. Every saturday during the season families, fans, players, scorers, umpires and … come to the field to enjoy themselves
Ulrika, Riley and Emma best friends letting the flag hang out…ulrika is there to take some pictures of her soon to be husband playing ball. Emma and riley give her some company and practice in how to be a mom…jus kidding
Anette (chicks with sticks) and her son ole…thats a picture which could have been taken on any saturday.
Susanne Kleiner (moms) made it to the field…curious mom had to check out dsl sine i was talking about its fans, games, burgers and so for the last few months
Pete (hr bear) and his son…pete cranked about six consecutive homeruns that day. He earnes the home run champion title. His son will be following his footsteps soon…he took some dry swings while watching his dad put the ball over the fence.
My friends and fans at the field (benny & aaron & rock is missing in action trying to get some beer). They know a lot about baseball and it s great to hear what they have to say. Their strong slang needs a while to get used to…all of them retirered army soldiers millionaires…
the presdential candidate race is about to hit its peak. The democrats abroad set up a stand at the field and actually got 12 registered voters to commit…might have been more towqrds the end.
Chicco (outfield chicks with sticks)…this cheeseburger is one of the main reasons why its worth coming to the field every saturday during the season. Man i miss dem already…will miss chicco to of course.
the chicks with sticks 2012 finals 3rd place
Top row left to right: pam, olaf, katta, annette (storrminator), ulli (langeooolli), carsten, chicco, jackie (le coq du sport)
Front row: benji (me), martin, nicky (chucky), ricks daughter, rick (big daddy rick), and rick's son…missing on this pic: diana, jay, and jan
Sabine (my working colleague) from ludwigsfelde…known her for a couple of months and she is a really smart and good lookin woman. She and her boyfriend just purchased a starter kit (2 gloves + a bat and 2 balls) for an amazing free,99….hopefully they will take their talents into the dsl and stick around.
Ole, the baggermeister and true helicopter pilot, @ defender sports field kids departement is 3 years old and a future first round pick pitcher….
Sheldon (comissioner/jolly dodgers)with the DSL trophy…he put the league together in 2001, he enforces fun, sportsmanship, and fair play. He s always running around and doing things, taking care of needs. Spends about a bizillion hours at the field. Very friendly and funny guy.
see you in 2013…


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  1. great job benjamin…way to capture the essence of the dsl…gone for now, but spring time and ball playing time is getting closer to beginning again with each passing day. before we know it, it will be time to dust off the gloves, grab a bat, and play ball. – seth (hit and run)

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