Catching up with Max Kepler Winter 2012

Max Kepler originally from Berlin is a pro ballplayer in the Minnesota Twins (Major League Baseball) organization. Years ago, when he was a young teenager at the age of 13,  it was easy to tell that he had some incredible talent compared to the rest. I was lucky enough to get to know him and his family, and be his coach. Now, still a teenager and still the most promising talent born in Berlin, I am catching up with him…

Berlin Wall 2009

Berlin Wall 2009

 So you are getting promoted a league higher next season?

 Yup. (Ceder Rapids Kernels – Single A)

 Any of your teammates also going up?

 Probably a few, not sure who though.

 Did the coaches tell you to work on something during the offseason?

 Not really,  jus strengthen my arm, stay fast, but gain more muscle mass, and jus stay healthy

 Lets talk about your skill facts…1. how fast are you from home to 1st? 2. How fast do you throw in mphs? 3. How much do you weight? 4. and how many games did you miss due to injury last season?

 1. Home to first- fastest time was 4.15. (good major league average).  2. Never measured what i throw in mphs…haha. 3. Im around 220 lbs (above Major League Average Weight). This season 1 (he played 59 Games just in MILB 2nd most on the team.)

 What do you like to do in your sparetime? Hobbies?

 Haha…i like spendin quality time with friends and family when i get a chance too. Other than that i like to attend listening parties and check out art conventions…I would have said clubbing and video games a year ago, but i feel like i grew out of that kinda stuff even tho i dont mind it once or twice a week…

 If a miracle would happen over night and you would get up tomorrow, what would it be or what would be different?


 It s a miracle question…just askin what would be the best change you could think of…

 I’ll have to think about that one…haha. Probably to play in the bigs when i wake up and have all my family and friends in the stands

 yeah, thats a great one!

If you are looking for Max`s Stats in the Milb, click here!

or check this video, click here !

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