Baseball School Berlin Indoor Batting Cage @Evope

Feel free to ask for Battingpractice (BP) times with us. Its possible to come to the one and only Evope Performance Center and take a few swings. All that is needed is your own sports attire. Baseballequipment, Trainers are all provided by the Baseball School Berlin. Its the only Indoor Batting Cage thats available to the general public in Berlin (Germany). We do have experience in working with Major League Baseball and College Players, but don´t care if you never played before because everybody who wants Bp is welcome with us.

We are opened Saturdays and Sundays from 6pm thru 10 pm – RVSP

Its possible to book as a group (max. 6 people) or book as an individual. Prices vary from 60€ to 90€ an hour. For more information contact:

Check out the Evope Performace Center here:

Equipment we use:

  • Atec Casey Pro2 Pitching Machine
  • Zepp Batting Analysis
  • Tanner Batting Tees
  • Swift Sticks
  • Maple Wood Bats
  • Batting Gloves (Nike, Under Armour…)
  • Bat Wax
  • Cage Size 35 Foot
  • Baseballs and Softballs


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