2017 Baseball Berlin Berlin Braves Home Run Derby Sport

Home Run Derby Berlin

Its a great opportunity to bring the Baseball community together and celebrate the most exciting event in Baseball. In Berlin we are split up in numerous different clubs that compete against each other during the season which sometimes causes to create fierce rivalries. Nevertheless we all share the passion and love for the game and are blessed to be able to play Baseball.

As a kid I used to enjoy every opportunity created to see my favorite players demonstrate their powerful skills. Tomorrow some of the most powerful Hitters from this area will square some balls up, fans are going to root for their favorite and while this is going on, people will be able to connect with each other.

There is lots to do:

  • Hitting Challenge and Throwing Challenge in the batting cage – prices 
  • Great food – Amandlafoods – & drinks
  • Season ending party – music played by DJ Crazy Cuts
  • All Star Futures Game
  • Home Run Derby
  • And much more

By Benji

I am 39 years old. Grew up living in Germany and the US with a passion for american sports. Went to school in Berlin and Jackson (MS). People say of me that I am a tolerant, open-minded, patient and communicative person

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