Berlin Candy Bombers News

by Benjamin Kleiner


Its been a while back since the Tryouts took place. All of the participants made the cut. After testing throwing, hitting, fielding, and running skills, as well as the mental make up of the players, we came to the conclusion that nobody deserved to be cut in the very first Tryout, held for the Berlin Candy Bombers. Shane and I enjoyed working with the players and felt very fortunate, also humbled to hold the Tryouts at the Hangar 1 of the Tempelhof Airport.

Next week we will be playing with some additional players to support the Roster of the Berlin Candy Bombers vs. the under 18 Polish Nationalteam. Obviously we would have been able to field a team but the reinforcements make us compatible against the strong opponents. The games will take place at the home of the Berlin Sluggers e.V. on Monday (5pm – fp), Tuesday (11am – fp), and, Thursday (11am – fp). We expect all our players to get a chance to show what they learned and learn more during the games.

We are being supported by the BSVBB Umpires who will call the games, also by the Berlin Sluggers who will provide food & drinks from the snack stand. Also we are being supported by the Berlin Flamingos and Berlin Sluggers Coaching Staff, as Orlando Del Muro (MEX) and Quinn Heiner (USA) join the Berlin Candy Bombers for this event.

Its going to be the first time in a while that a national team from any country will be in Berlin to play some Baseball. The last attempt was cancelled due to the bad weather in the summer of 2006. It was a pretty bad day/weekend for Berlin Baseball back then, and it wasn’t rescheduled…

As of now the weather forecast looks really promising for all of next week.

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