Summertime = Baseball Prime Time

This summer is really good. The weather has been phenomenal as of now. Also we offer a bunch of opportunities for players to be a part of. The chance of working with kids who have never played before has been one of the most gratifying gifts so far, but it is also fun to coach kids who want to become great ballplayers and are already on the path.

Berlin isn’t known to be Baseball hotbed but a few talents have come from this area and developed into some good players, in Germany and overseas. Also we have a few fields that make it worth while to offer Baseball activities throughout the city.

Our goal is to help the sport grow. We achieve this by offering something that is fun and that makes you want to play. It doesn’t matter if you have never played before or if you think you could be a MLB MVP. Everybody enjoys being challenged and experiencing, something new and cool. The cool part about Baseball is, that we have been doing it for years and know what we are talking about. We create challenges that are not too easy, but not too hard.

Our crew consists of some Baseball nerds that share their passion for the game on a daily and love working in Baseball. Knowing that its something highly unusual to be fortunate to do what you love. But don’t get it twisted it might be a fun game, but we are considering ourselves professionals!

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