Kids Baseball Birthday

Baseball on a kids b day party

Yeah, some parents pay to have their kids play baseball. What you need in order to make this happen is a baseballfield, 2 – 3 hours of time, proper educational skills and a minium of 8 players.Even though I don’t promote doing baseball birthdays at all, I have been doing 3 within the last year. People approach me and ask if I want to do a baseball birthday for a kid of somebody they know…Next step is getting in contact with each other sending an offer and discuss a possible date and a possible location . That I guess is the hardest and most time consuming part of the whole kids b day thing. After all this is done, most of the communication is done. What follows is the action planing which consists of writing a short plan up of what I want to talk about and what activities I want to do on the day of kids b day.

The kids b day is the most fun day. As a coach I am responsible for being at the field at least 15 min early, and running a smoove fun b day. At the end I should feel like that the actual 3 hours practice felt like 10 minutes. Thats how its supposed to be…kids will be asking where the closest baseballclub is that they can join…

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