It s season :)

the wait is over and everybody is playing ball. For me its so satisfying hanging at the field, espcially when the sun is out and I am by myself working on whatever needs to be done. Last weekend I went with nine guys to play a double header in hannover (300k away). We lost both games, they played really well, but I still enjoyed playing ball…Unfortunatly I felt somekind of week at the plate but I managed to make some good contact 3 times and get walked 3 times. My teammates, they did well and even more important didn t get hurt. This weekend we will be playing in Bremen (400k away) and I hope we can win at least one game, but I d rather take both of them W´s home to Berlin. From what I have heard they aren t considered to be one of the better teams in the 2.BL, unlike us…grasp!

On friday I am going to help a friend with a baseball school project trying to get more kids into the game. Hopefully the weather will be nice and everything will run smoothly. Going into schools is one of my main longterm goals and help the teachers getting into the game, so they can organize a school lesson of Baseball if they want to. Getting up early on friday and teaching kids Baseball, thats the life…”lifestyle coach” haha…

Watching Baseball on TV by the way is really hard if you are by yourself. I recommend, go to a game with friends and try the more interactive version. Baseball on TV is flat out boring just like watching paint dry…



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