European Baseball Coaches Association (EBCA) Convention 2017

Its always great to meet people who have achieved a remarkable feat in the game of Baseball. EBCA again created such a wonderful opportunity by hosting the 2017 EBCA Convention at the nice Lindner Hotel in Antwerp.

Very unfortunate I could only be there for a day but it was great meeting an amazing group of speakers including former Big Leaguer and now Coach Steve Springer from Quality At-Bats. All the presentations held by the speakers were good!


Thanks to the Board of EBCA, its members and online Baseball community I received the Grassroots Development Award 2017. Each Party was responsible for me getting voted by one third.

I had a blast meeting lots of my peers at the event.


Yvette, Steve, Joelle, Martin, Dirk, Bertrand, Simon, the Howis, Martin, Steve, Mauro, Bill, Nadine, Teusch, John, Tom, Donato and his wife, Chris, André, Markus, Stefan, Chris, Ingo, Georg, the two guys from Spain, Liam, Glen, Gary, and last but not least everyone whom I forgot.

Special thank you to the BSVBB for supporting my efforts to be part of this event.

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