Practice Diary

Easy start at practice. 22 Kids u19 and u16 were at the Paul Rusch Stadion Gym. With myself we had four Coaches working the youth for 1 1/2 hours. Practice started late at 6.45 pm

Started with a warm up game that we call “Brettball”. Two teams of the same amount of bodies play each other. The main goal is to throw the ball against the other teams Board (Backboard of a Baseketball Basket). You are only allowed to move without the Ball in your Hands. If you have a Ball you can either pass it to a teammate or attempt throwing the Ball against the Board. The Ball we use is an indoor Baseball (IncrediBallish). This game lasted for a lengthy period of time round about 20 minutes.

Break afterwards 5 min

Throwing with a partner 15 min

  1. Getting loose
  2. working on quick transfer and release

Throwing in a square 15 Min (including Explanation)

  1. turning double plays (Receiving Ball with two hands, Proper Footwork as in ready position and turning the body for the throw…)
  2. Cougars corner: in two corners two teams are set up across from each other, Its a running game and its objective is to be faster than the other team and being able to tag a runner with ball.


Break afterwards 5 Min

Infield Fly Rule explanation – cause the rules you know and the others don´t give you an advantage 😉
After all that running a short break to relax and sit around worked out well for some rule explaining… 10 Min

Indoor Game Time 15 Min – the diamond was set up in the corners of half a basketball court…

Notes: Sometimes things happen that require more attention than expected. Very fortunate to work with a great group of coaches that do care so much about the players and the development of the game!

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Ausrichter des Camps


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