(Review) Füssen Royal Bavarians vs. Baseball School Berlin Patriots

Team Füssen u15
Team Berlin u15

These teams played a five game series. Berlin won the first, third, and fourth contests as Füssen came up on top of the second and last game.

Pitcher Enorbel Marquez
Coach Jesco and family
Wonderful Baseballmoms
Coach Curt Freyhofer
Catering Martina Glatzer
Coach Mark “Pop” Lorenz
Coach Matuschewski

The weekend was filled with Baseball, and thanks to a lot of people this turned out a fun and great learning experience for almost every one involved.

Royal Bavarians at the Brandenburg Gate
Royal Bavarians eating Döner Kebap
at the Jewish Memorial

We thank everyone who helped out making this possible. Without the passion and dedication of those involved it wasn’t going to work.

Shoutouts: Mark Lorenz, Alex Matuschewski, Füssen Royal Bavarians and the whole staff, Berlin Flamingos and the whole crew, the ones who helped during the event (Patrizia, Jean, Petra, Jesco, Curt, Eno, Martina, Thomas, Gregor, Monia, Miriam, Moms, and Dads) and last but not least all the players putting together a great Baseball exhibition…

Teampic Füssen and Berlin by Christian Schmidt

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