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Baseball School Berlin News (by Benjamin Kleiner)


  1. President of BSJBB
  2. New Head Coach of the Berlin Sluggers through 2014
  3. Baseball on TV in Germany until 2016
  4. Changes in the German Baseball Rules


1. I am the new President of the BSJBB. Succeeding Birgit Brozatus who did not run for a new term due to personal reasons. The election took place at the BSJBB meeting at Potsdam University.

I want to give back to the community which has given me the chance to play and coach for such a long time!


2. Berlin Sluggers about to start their season in the 2. Bundesliga with me being the new Head Coach

My goals are:

  • finish somewhere in the middle of the pack of the 2nd Bundesliga
  • Have my players play and train with mental toughness and enjoy the 2014 season

Review: The Sluggers have played the last 3 seasons in the 1st Bundesliga but got relegated after an horrible 2013 season, that accounted only 2 wins and a coaching change early in the season. Besides the Team showed awesome resilience and kept on playing through all the adversity.


3. The news is out that besides being able to watch Baseball on MLB.TV (cheaper), you can also watch Baseball on the Sport1 Tv Station (more expensive) starting this season. This is great news for german Baseball because the impact that media has in promoting the game is highly relevant.


4. new rules in german Baseball…

  • The famous flip flop move (pick off move) with runners on 1st and 3rd is now illegal
  • If you want to change the pitcher at the beginning of the Inning, you have to let the umpire know before the old pitcher walks toward the mound and crosses the foulline…reason being is to save time
  • No chewing tobacco, dipping, smoking in uniform anywhere…



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Baseball School Berlin update

  1. Max Kepler at Major League Spring Training
  2. Coaching the Sluggers 2. Bundesliga Mannschaft

1. Max Kepler (21) is the first Berlin born player to make it to Spring Training. He s feeling good and seeing the ball really well, he told Baseball School Berlin in a conversation after he got his first hit with the Big League team. After Spring Training Max is supposed to join the Ft. Myers Miracle (High-A) Minor League team. Baseball School Berlin wishes Max a healthy season and a prosperous career as a professional baseballplayer.

Max Kepler (21) ist der erste Berliner der es geschafft hat zum Spring Training eingeladen zu werden. In einem Gespräch erzählte er Baseball School Berlin das er den Ball gut sieht und sich gut fühlt. Nach dem Spring Training wird Max voraussichtlich für das Ft. Myers Miracle (High A) Minor League Team auflaufen. Wir von der Baseball School Berlin wünschen ihm viel Erfolg und eine verletzungsfreie Saison.

Max Kepler Spring Training 2014
Max Kepler Spring Training 2014

2. Benjamin Kleiner (36) director of Baseball School Berlin is going to be the head coach of the Berlin Sluggers 1st Team in 2014. The Sluggers are located in the south of Berlin-Neukölln. The Berlin Sluggers had a really rough time the last years in the 1st Bundesliga, but showed resilience by not breaking apart as a team as many others did before. Still the Berlin Sluggers are the only team to represent Berlin nationally. Besides growing up with the Sluggers and knowing the organisation extremly well, the decision wasn´ t an easy one. Kleiner and the front office agreed that not being relegated and making sure that the young talents will be getting a shot at playing and training with the 1st team, are the main goals for the 2014 season.

Benjamin Kleiner (36) leiter der Baseball School Berlin wird 2014 der Headcoach der 1. Mannschaft der Berlin Sluggers sein. Die Berlin Sluggers spielen im Süden Berlins in Neukölln-Buckow. Um an die Baseball Trainer B Lizenz des Deutschen Olympischen Sportbundes heranzukommen ist es minimal Voraussetzung eine Bundesligamannschft zu betreuen. Trotz der harten Jahre für die Berlin Sluggers in der 1. Bundesliga zeigte die Mannschaft viel Charakter indem sie, wie andere Teams zuvor, nicht auseinander gebrochen sind. Die Entscheidung als Coach der Sluggers zu agieren war keine Leichte. Kleiner und der Vorstand haben sich darauf geeinigt das Spaß und die Integration der talentierten Nachwuchsspieler, in die Spiele und das Training der 1. Mannschaft, oberste Priorität 2014 haben.

2012 coaching the Sluggers for Sean Sullivan @Dortmund
2012 coaching the Sluggers for Sean Sullivan @Dortmund


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