2020 Talentförderung

DBA in Berlin hosted by BBBA

Die Deutsche Baseball Akademie (DBA), unter der Leitung von Georg Bull, war für vier Tage in der Stadt. Es startete am Samstag mit dem u13 Camp und endete mit dem u15 Camp am Dienstag.

Spieler*innen aus ganz Deutschland haben an diesen Camps teilgenommen, welches von der Berlin Brandenburg Baseball Akademie (BBBA) ausgerichtet wurde.

Die ca. 60 Teilnehmer*innen wurden von neun Coaches betreut. Im Hintergrund kümmerten sich zehn ehrenamtliche um das Drumherum.

Die DBA ist seit vielen Jahren für die Betreuung der U13 und U15 Nationalmannschaften verantwortlich. Die Camps dienen als Sichtungsmaßnahme für diese. Berlin & Brandenburg hat schon den einen oder anderen Nationalspieler hervorgebracht. Hierbei helfen die Erfahrungen und Expertisen der DBA Coaches.

Die Berlin & Brandenburg Baseball/Softball Community darf sich freuen von dem Input der DBA profitieren zu können und ihrer Zusammenarbeit mit der BBBA. Hier entstehen Synergieeffekte welche der Entwicklung des Baseballsport zu Gute kommen. “Man muss ja seinen Talenten auch was bieten! und auch die lokalen Coaches profitieren durch die offene Arbeitsweise der DBA.”

Täglich fand das Training von morgens bis abends für ca. 7 Stunden statt. Das Mittagessen war im Preis von 69 € mit dabei. Ebenso die Getränke als auch Kleinigkeiten zum Naschen…

Die ehrenamtlichen Mitarbeiter aus Reihen der BBBA haben das Event zu dem gemacht was es war. Sie haben sich um die Dokumentation für Social Media, die Verpflegung von Coaches, Eltern und Spieler*innen, die Organisation vorab und vieles mehr gekümmert.

Bilder und Videos zu dem Event findet ihr auf Instagram und Facebook der BBBA


Hong Kong Road Trip – travel impressions

The idea to go to Hong Kong came into my mind a little more than a year ago. Unfortunately it took quite a while to make it happen. The flight to Hong Kong was no joke as I wasn’t able to recover from the Jetlag until the last day of my stay. Being tired didn’t keep me from making amazing experiences and meeting awesome people.

The road trip started on the 11th December and ended on the 18th December. Not much time to see anything, but I had a great book to read with me, called “Die Chinesen – Psychogramm einer Weltmacht” that is all about the culture, history, morals, relationships and much more. I read on the plane, at the airport (13 hours layover in Paris), in the hotel room and basically anywhere I went, the book was in my backpack.

Kenneth Chiu, whom I mentioned earlier in one of my posts, picked me up on Thursday evening from the airport in Hong Kong and thentook me out to eat. The food was crazy delicious and I am going to leave it at that. Kenneth was one of two people who helped making the most of my stay in Hong Kong. The other was Ken, also a former Berlin Flamingos player/coach, who took me out to eat as well, to a different place and it was as delicious as the time I went out with Kenneth. I can’t thank both of them enough for making me feel at home in Hong Kong, their hospitality has been the real deal.

What is Baseball like in Hong Kong? This question was one of my key motivators to go there. The Hong Kong International Baseball Open 2019 was an event with 6 Teams that was really well organized and was held during my stay. From the opening ceremony to the closing presentation, the ground crew, the p&r, social media, the players apparel, and everything related to this event was on point.
I also got to watch the youth play ball at two different ballparks. It was fun to see the kids and their parents at the ballpark, like I see it in Germany on a regular weekend during the season… Looking through the chainlink fence parents, players, and coaches came by and said hello and introduced themselves. So did Herman whose son played in the Outfield and we got into talking about being a parent and a coach. He told me about his philosophy and what rules he applied towards his kids. Number 1 the kids have to pick the sport themselves, based on their interest and level of fun. Number 2 they should try to become the best they can be in that sport. That was it! Simple but profound.

The level of play for the youth and seniors is very much comparable to the one we have in Berlin. The ballparks I have seen where very different from one another. The best field is the Sai Tso Wan Recreation Ground followed by Kowloon Tong, and then there is Wong Tai Sin, which reminds me of fields that I have played on for many years. What is really cool about #HKBaseball is the the weather, no pun intended! Year around Baseball is no problem as its usually around 20° Celsius at the lowest. Obviously there is a different strategical approach in Asian Baseball where the game is based more on speed than on power. Its not uncommon to see submarine pitchers coming out of Asia but not so much compared to the Western Hemisphere. Also the culture of the Asians is reflected in the team hierarchy and how players treat opponents, umpires, and coaches. So much play is involved in aspects of the game, that usually get little to no attention here.
In between Innings the bench players lineup next to the foulline and root their teammates on. Another oddity is that the players take a bow to the opponents before the game starts and after the game. I have seen similar from Japanese’s teams that came through Germany.

Overall having been to Hong Kong was a must. Every minute of my road trip I enjoyed, no matter how tired the jetlag made me. Looking forward to see Hong Kong and its people again soon… 2020!

Here is some Images of the road trip…


Max Kepler painting by Sascha

Max came to Berlin and hosted a series of Events. It was speculated since the summer that something was going to be put together with the Twins superstar.

I had no clue if and what was going to happen so I contacted the one person who would most likely be in charge of something like that in Berlin. Joey Elgersma (Berlin Braves) has been the go to guy for MLB ever since the London Series became a reality. He knew something was going to happen and told me, that he was going to get back in touch as soon as more information was available. So it was clear that Max would be in town and he should get an appropriate welcome.

Sascha Raniszewski a painter and also a ballplayer, for the Berlin Dragons, has been painting portraits of famous people and displayed them on Instagram and Facebook. He drew guys like Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Robinson, and many more. My idea was to present Max with a painting of himself by Sascha. Sascha embraced the idea and after the decision what pic/size portrait should be drawn, he went after it.

Max was presented the pic and he signed it. Now its up on eBay for sale and the revenue will be donated to a good cause (Kinderhilfe e.V.)

Here is the link to the auction on eBay

Hong Kong

Trip to Hong Kong

Visiting former teammates Ken and Kenneth is an opportunity to catch up and also to gather information of the local Baseballscene in Hong Kong.

During this stay I will check out the “8th WBSC Hong Kong International Baseball Open” where both of my former teammates will be active as players.

Kenneth and Ken, as how I got know them, are also involved in the grassroots development of Baseball in Hong Kong. Kenneth is the founder of the Baseball School Hong Kong and Ken is coaching youth teams.

Hong Kong is relatively close to the Equator so the temperatures around this time of the year are still good enough to play outdoors. Its also known as one of the most famous cities in Asia.

Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong

The goal is to take a team to Hong Kong for a few games and practices in the near future!

Cameron Scott Images Max Kepler

Cameron Scott Pics of Max Kepler – Meet and Greet

This Meet and Greet was an amazing event hosted by the Berlin Braves and MLB.

Here is a collection of pictures taken by Cameron Scott who has been involved with the Berlin Brandenburg Baseball scene for a lot of years, and has a reputation for coming through with great pictures…

Max Kepler (26) is an Outfielder for the Minnesota Twins. 2019 was his best year in the Show as of now. His stats have been better than ever, he got a new contract, and has a new endorsement partner in Nike.

In Berlin a lot of people wanted to meet and greet the unicorn of European Baseball. Everybody got a chance to take a pic and get his signature.

Let the pictures do the talking for the rest of this post…

one more thing! Thank you to everybody involved in making this event happen:

MLB, Twins, Berlin Braves, BSVBB and last but not least Max Kepler

2019 EBCA

16. EBCA Coaches Convention in Budapest

Das Ziel der European Baseball Coaches Association (EBCA) Convention ist, für drei Tage Trainer in Europa zusammenzubringen und ihnen die Möglichkeit bieten sich fortzubilden. Es werden eine Vielzahl an Vorträgen, von ausgewählten Trainer*innen der International Sports Group (ISG), gehalten.

In den Vorträgen teilen die Dozenten ihre Methoden und Erkenntnisse in Bezug auf den Baseballsport. Die Vorträge dauern ca. 45 Minuten und werden durch vorbereitete Präsentationen (PowerPoint, Keynote,…) unterstützt. Diese Vorträge sind aber nur ein Teil des Angebots der EBCA. Um die Interaktion der Teilnehmer in den Vordergrund zu rücken sind gemeinsame Essen und Hang-Outs organisiert. Dort werden Visitenkarten ausgetauscht und neue Bekanntschaften gemacht oder alte vertieft. 

Was alle auf der Convention verbindet ist die Leidenschaft für den Baseballsport vom World Series Winning Coach bis zu dem Rookie-Coach, der gerade erst mit dem Coaching angefangen hat. Der Respekt für einander wird unterstrichen durch die Ehrung der besten Coaches in den Bereichen Career Achievement (Lebenswerk), Coach of the year (Trainer des Jahres) und der Grassroots Development Award (Einsatz in der Breitensportentwicklung).

Dirk Fries – presenting EBCA Awards

Meine Kosten für die Teilnahme an der Clinic lagen inkl. Anreise, Übernachtung, Verpflegung, Teilnahmegebühr bei knapp 300€ und es hat sich gelohnt!


Fotos Candy Bombers in Ungarn pt. 2

Alle Fotos von Sven Schiele

Ben Weber C/If

Antoni Zobl-Mittleman

Fabian Glatzer P/IF

Leon Kaufmann UT/P

Felix Kunisch C/OF


Fotos Candy Bombers in Ungarn pt.1

Alle Fotos von Sven Schiele

Kevin Schiele IF/P

Jacob Campbell IF/P

Tristan Hoffmann 1B

Ian Lu OF/1B/P

Cade Beckley IF

Miles Murphy IF/P

2019 Talentförderung

Internationales Turnier in Erd (Ungarn)

Dieses Jahr geht es wieder nach Budapest auf das internationale Turnier nach Erd. Die Berlin Candy Bombers werden dort mit einer U16 Mannschaft antreten.

Wir starten im Pool B mit den Century Warszawa (Polen), Apollo Bratislava (Slowakei) und den Budapest Reds (Ungarn). Eine gute Gruppe mit starken Gegnern.

Sieben unserer Spieler waren schon letztes Jahr in Budapest dabei. Die Spieler sind eine Zusammenstellung aus Berlin Rams, Berlin Flamingos, Berlin Sluggers und von der Rammstein Air Base. Unser Kader sieht dieses Jahr wie folgt aus:

Roster 2019 Budapest

Die Turnierregeln sind ein wenig anders als die standard Baseballregeln. Man startet mit einem Count von 1-1 in die Plate Apperance, was ein kleinen Vorteil für die Pitcher bedeutet.

Unser Spielplan steht Mittlerweile auch schon fest und wird vielleicht noch geändert.

schedule Budapest 2019

weitere Infos folgen


Twins vs. Yankees

Das war mal ein ganz besonderes Spiel mit vielen Highlights und vielen Führungswechseln. Das Spiel endete morgens gegen 7:00 Uhr in Berlin, pünktlich zum Frühstück. Leider ist der letzte Schlag von Max Kepler von seinem ehemaligen Teamkollegen, per “Diving Catch”, gefangen worden. Die Highlights anzugucken lohnt sich. Heute nacht findet das letzte Spiel der Serie zwischen den beiden Teams statt. Interessant auch hinsichtlich der kommenden Playoffs….